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Food for Thought About Retirement

Is it time to retire traditional thinking about retirement? The latest issue of Investor’s Edge puts a spotlight on end-of-career planning and how changing attitudes about retirement and aging are redefining traditional viewpoints. With more people than ever entering retirement (10,000 baby boomers each day!), this is not your parents’ retirement, as the saying goes. According to the article, people nearing or entering their retirement years perceive the time as a chance not to slow down, but to reinvent themselves with part-time work, a volunteer passion or even a completely new business venture.

In addition, the issue lists changes that might impact your retirement planning for 2019, from higher contribution limits to changes in income limits. And, an article about Social Security includes a helpful table explaining the effects of taking the benefit at different ages. If these topics have you thinking about — or rethinking — your retirement plans, give us a call to talk through the details.

What Can You Do to Prepare for a Market Correction?

With so much market fluctuation and political uncertainty in the headlines, investors might be tempted to forget that market corrections are an unavoidable fact of life, neither good nor bad. A recent Investor’s Edge article reminds us that focusing on a solid long-term financial plan can help you experience less worry and more peace of mind when a correction happens. Minding financial fundamentals such by reviewing your risk tolerance, asset allocation, diversification and liquidity can help. Have questions or concerns? Call the office to set up a time for a review.

We’ve Moved

Our office has moved to a new location. We’re now conveniently located along the northbound feeder of I-45 and close to the main business and commercial districts in The Woodlands. Our new address is 256 Ed English Drive, Building 4, Suite B, Shenandoah, Texas 77385. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and see us!

Rethinking How You Use Debt

For many people minding their financial health, borrowing money can bring discomfort and anxiety—and rightly so, especially when so many Americans use debt to live beyond their means and purchase items they cannot afford. But the latest issue of Investor’s Edge reminds us that individuals and families can embrace debt in a thoughtful and strategic way to purchase items they can afford—while potentially realizing some important financial advantages.

Don’t forget one of the benefits of using a boutique financial adviser is extra help and guidance with your buying decisions. Whether it’s a creative financing option or a referral to a broker or lending institution, we can give you fresh perspective and help you think through the options of any big purchase.

Are You Considering a Summertime Addition?

Does the onset of summer have you eyeing a new beach house or the lake cottage of your family’s dreams? Or perhaps a sleek, new boat or recreational vehicle is in your future. One of the benefits of partnering with a full-service, boutique investment adviser is the personal service to help you consider your different options, even if the decision before you is outside of your investment portfolio. We can help you think through different purchasing options, whether it is selling or moving portfolio assets, a bank or conventional loan, or the various options in between.

The latest issue of Investor’s Edge discusses two lending programs that might be attractive options for our clients. Both are secured by the assets held in your RBC accounts, and both offer some advantages over traditional bank loans, such as more attractive interest rates and qualification processes. Click here to read more about these two credit options, or call the office to discuss your new purchase with an adviser. Together we can work through the pros and cons of numerous payment or credit options to ensure your new purchase is aligned with your long-term financial goals.

News Seniors Can Use

Did you know people 65 and older number nearly 15 percent of the U.S. population? That’s about one in seven Americans, and the number’s only growing, with seniors expected to approach 22 percent of the population by 2040, according to data providing by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That’s why this quarter’s Investor’s Edge newsletter features news you can use to better prepare for the golden years, whether yours or your loved ones’. Among this quarter’s articles:

  • Senior citizens have long been targeted by criminals and fraudsters seeking to separate good people from their hard-earned money. Today’s methods and scams are more sophisticated and harder to spot than ever. Do you know the warning signs and red flags for elder abuse and exploitation?
  • Americans are living longer than ever, lengthening the amount of time your assets will have to grow but also how long they will be required to perform. The prospect for a longer and more rewarding life is reason to celebrate, especially if you’ve planned well. Have you considered how longer life spans and inflation might affect your long-term plans?
  • With nearly 70 percent of people turning 65 estimated to need some form of long-term care later in life, preparing for this expensive eventuality is something every wise investor should consider. But with so much information in the marketplace, how do you separate fact from fiction?

Click here to learn more about these important topics. Talking through goals and strategies as you move through life is an important benefit of having an objective, seasoned financial adviser. Give us a call anytime to discuss concerns or to learn more.

The Season of Giving (Wisely)

The season of giving is almost upon us, and with all the busyness of the year-end and the approaching holidays we often forget our best intentions to follow through on charitable contributions and plan appropriately for the new year. An article in the latest issue of Investor’s Edge discusses a few tips to consider to maximize your contributions.

Most people know cash contributions to eligible charitable and philanthropic organizations are deductible in the year made, but many lesser-known options are also available to taxpayers. Have you considered donating appreciated securities to obtain a larger tax benefit? Can you use investment losses to your advantage? Should you consider increasing your contributions to tax-deferred savings plans—or open an account for this purpose?

Remember, one of the benefits of working with a small firm is getting the concentrated attention our advisers can provide you, your family and your business about each area of your financial situation. And while our advisers do not provide clients with tax advice, we can work with your independent tax adviser or assist you in choosing one.

Check out the issue in its entirety here. Other topics covered in the issue:

  • Estate planning essentials for blended families
  • Explore the benefits of asset consolidation
  • Four ways your hobby may contribute to well-being in retirement

Note: Our advisers do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax adviser about your specific situation.

Is Retirement Approaching Faster than You Thought?

When asked to name their most important financial concerns, many Americans list retirement planning at or near the top of the list. That’s because most people want to ensure they’ll have enough income to live comfortably without running out of money, and of course no one knows how long their retirement will last or what unexpected costs may arise along the way.

An article in the latest issue of Investor’s Edge discusses eight age-based guidelines to help you make sure your retirement plan is on track. For instance, at age 50 the law allows people to step up their retirement savings by increasing the tax-advantaged contribution limits, a “catch-up” provision that can make a real difference if you take advantage of it year after year during your peak earning years. The 60s are about making wise decisions about transitioning into retirement, including enrolling in Medicare and deciding when to take Social Security benefits. And at age 70-1/2, of course, required minimum distributions kick in, so managing taxes becomes more important.

You can read the article in its entirety here. Did you know (or perhaps you’d forgotten) about the catch-up provisions? Are you confused about how the Medicare or Social Security provisions will affect you? Remember, one of the best benefits of partnering with our firm is the concentrated personal service we can provide to each client.

Note: This material is for information purposes only. Our advisers do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax adviser about your specific situation.

Dealing with Election-Year Uncertainty

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news headlines, you might be concerned about the dramatic corrections and rough ride the markets are experiencing so far this year. But turbulent markets—particularly against the backdrop of a presidential election year—require a heightened amount of patience and discipline. Wise investors know time is more important than timing, and sticking to fundamentals can help you stay focused on the big picture. Here are three fundamentals we always keep in mind at Chasewood Wealth Management:

  • Diversification: Spreading your investment dollars among a wise mix of equities, fixed-income, cash and alternative investment vehicles can ensure you’re not too heavily exposed to certain sectors or industries. It can also help protect your portfolio from the effects of market volatility.
  • Asset allocation: Dividing assets among different investment categories is another way to balance risk, because each asset class generally behaves differently over time. Our financial advisers can help you develop or refine an investment strategy with your timing goals in mind.
  • Tax management: Investment-related taxes can easily eat up investment returns, so it’s wise to consider the effects of short- and long-term gains on your bottom line. You might also consider contributing to a tax-advantaged retirement account like an IRA or a 401(k) by the April 15 tax deadline.

You can read more about election-year investment considerations by downloading the latest issue of Investor’s Edge, published quarterly by RBC Capital Markets. What’s more, we can answer your questions or help you think through the fundamentals with your particular needs in mind. We’re just a phone call away!

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

No matter what your net worth, it’s important to have at least a basic estate plan in place. A good estate plan includes a will, power-of-attorney assignments, and a healthcare proxy, otherwise known as a medical power of attorney. Some estate plans also include trusts to protect assets and promote tax advantages. At Chasewood Wealth Management, we can guide you through this process and help you get additional professional advice if you need it. We can also work with your legal or tax advisers to make sure your short- and long-term financial goals are protected as your family and business needs change.

Confused about Social Security?

Decisions about Social Security can be complicated, because life is complicated. People get married and divorced, have children, change jobs and careers, and become disabled. And beyond life changes, the laws about Social Security and the tax code are complicated and seem to change constantly.

But keep in mind one of the key benefits of partnering with a small wealth management firm is the personal service that allows us to sit down and discuss financial options and scenarios with your unique situation in mind. Mark Sitter has strong experience advising clients about Social Security and can help you determine the best path forward as you navigate these important decisions. You can also download the latest issue of Investor’s Edge, a quarterly publication from RBC Capital Markets, for more guidance on when to start taking Social Security.

2015 Marks a Big Milestone!

This year we turn the calendar on our 10th anniversary, and you might have noticed we’re celebrating with a few improvements at Chasewood Wealth Management. We hope you like our new logo and website as much as we do, but we don’t just want to look good. We also want to connect with our clients and provide information you can use. Drop us an email about the kinds of information you’d like to see on these pages. We’d love to hear your ideas about how we can better serve you in the next decade!